Oct 2019

Athens (Greece)

C1: training for trainers


ciro project training activity participants


Description: Training for trainers activity where CRES and ARIEMA, experts on sustainability, climate change, renewable energies, and energy storage, will present their thematic units to teachers. Afterward, these participants (teachers) will teach these concepts in their schools respectively.


Description: This training activity is focused on the development of the Ciro competition (O3), divided into 2 stages:

  1. At a distance where participants will develop an innovative project based on reducing climate change and improving air quality in their city.
  2. Face to face stage of the competition in Huelva (Spain) where participants will present their projects, will receive training on interpersonal skills (entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and motivation) and will develop the commercial plan of their project to defend in a debate why their projects are strategic and should be implemented in their cities.


ciro project participants training activity

Jun 2020

Huelva (Spain)

CIRO competition