Ciro’s partnership defines a training program focused on energy and climate change for students between 14 to 17 years old

The Ciro Project has reached one of its main milestones during this month: the project partners gathered for the Learning activity C1 “Train the Trainers” in Greece from 7th to 11th October 2019 to present and validate a training program about energy and climate oriented to students between 14 and 17.

This program is focused on the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities on climate change, sustainability, renewable energies, energy storage systems (emphasizing on hydrogen technologies) and the final applications of these technologies.

During this activity, the company ARIEMA, expert in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies, and the research centre CRES, the Centre for Renewable Energies Sources, presented the trainers participating in the project the contents to be implemented during their CIRO lessons, consisting on the following modules:

  • Module 1: Climate change and sustainability.
  • Module 2: Renewables Energies.
  • Module 3: Energy Storage systems.
  • Module 4: Integration of Hydrogen with Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Module 5: Applications of Hydrogen Technologies.

Along the module’s presentations and the pilot test activity, CIRO’s trainers validated the contents and proposed jointly a series of activities that can be followed to teach the concepts addressed in a dynamic, practical and effective way.

The whole training program defined, including contents, practical activities, infographics, videos, bibliography, etc. will be published in the moodle platform, so that any teacher in the EU can register and access freely to the contents and activities proposed by CIRO’s partnership and apply them in their own lessons.

CIRO’s teachers, from Germany and Spain, have already started to implement the training program in their respective schools with great success. This is the starting point for pupils to participate in CIRO competition: a contest of innovative ideas where students will propose, basing on the concepts learned, their own projects aiming at reducing climate change and enhancing air quality in their cities. CIRO competition will be developed from January to June 2020.

The Ciro Project is made up of a multidisciplinary European consortium composed by school centres, companies and technological centres of 4 different countries. There are 3 school centres, two from Spain IES Diego de Guzman (Huelva) and Colegio Jesús Nazareno (Madrid), and other from Germany, Städtisches Heriburg- Gymnasium.  Moreover, Cyber Coach Smart (United Kingdom) participates as a company specialized on digital didactic games, and the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) in Greece and ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente S.L. in Spain, as entities specialized on renewable energies and energy storage. ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente S.L. is the leader of this project.

The Ciro Project has been endowed with a total budget of 237.582,00 € through ERASMUS+ Programme, and it will have a total duration of 30 months (2018-2021).

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