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What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a renewable fuel that only produces water as a by-product. It can be used to power cars or store excess energy for later use. Hydrogen reacts with oxygen from the air to produce water and energy.

Hydrogen is the simplest element possible with just one proton and one electron. Hydrogen atoms are most stable as diatomic molecules…


how to store hydrogen?

Hydrogen has a very low density. It is very light, but it takes a lot of space to store it. There are 3 common ways used to store hydrogen: Compressed Gas, liquid hydrogen and metal hydrides… 


Hydrogen is a fuel that can be obtained from water and electricity to store the electrical energy. To covert back the hydrogen back into useful energy, the simplest method would be to burn hydrogen to release heat energy and then convert that heat energy into useful electrical energy. 

However, burning hydrogen and the process after the combustion have low efficiencies….