Hydrogen will be the fuel of the future

ciro project

Introducing the importance of the coming European “green” energy model in School Education focusing on three consecutive milestones


The development of new and interactive training contents about energy and climate change for training of trainers and its use as support for teaching in the classrooms.


The development of a digital didactic game based on creating a genuine sustainable city and two didactic kits to experiment, manage and practice with these technologies at first-hand.


The development of a competition among school centres about innovative and disruptive projects that improve air quality and reduce climate change in their cities, so that students express their full creative potential.


Education Sustainability Renewable Energies Climate Change

Ciro Project aims of promoting the training of teachers and awareness of students, between 14 and 17 years, in the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities on climate change, sustainability, renewable energies, energy storage systems (emphasizing on hydrogen technologies) and the final applications of these technologies.

The Ciro Project takes its name from one of the protagonists of Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island. Jules Verne foresaw in this novel that hydrogen will be the fuel of the future – at this moment, near future.






Partner support in question or project orientation.

Justifications of the Project and provide required information to the coordinator.

Monitoring financial issues and communication.

Organization of meetings and the final international seminar.


Introducing renewable energies and energy storage systems.

Analysis of the current educational model at European level. This analysis will compile information from Ministries of Education and national and regional laws on education.

Analyse end-users feedback. Elaboration of surveys / interviews with a significant group of teachers and students (between 14 and 17 years old). Each partner will be in charge of doing surveys/interviews.



Training contents and Moodle platform.

Development of training contents.

Validation of contents.

Development of Moodle platform.

A4 from knowledge to enforcement

E-learning tools and pilot test.

Develop a game as a tablet app (ipad & android).

Develop didactic kits.

Develop CIRO competition: innovative project based on reducing climate change and enhancing air quality in their city.

a5 dissemination and communication

Social media and website.

External expert panel and press releases.

Design communication materials.

our partners

hydrogen energy storage

We are currently facing environmental and energy problems such as climate change and the reduction of fossil fuel reserves. We must be prepared for the anticipated energy change with efficient use of renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal or tidal energy. This requires the use of energy storage systems that stabilize the intermittent energy sources (solar, wind) since in many cases the electricity production is not produced at the same time as the demand. In these terms, hydrogen is an energy carrier capable to promote a progressively decarbonization of the sector.

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